Windows 10 PPTP Split-Tunneling

Ok, yes, PPTP should no longer be used. But sometimes it is easy to connect to a remote network.
In Windows 7 and 8 you could activate split-tunneling quite easily by going to the newly created adapter and edit the IPv4 settings and uncheck “Use the Gateway on the Remote Network”.

Windows 10 did not seem to allow me to edit those settings. I could click the properties button but nothing came up… Strange…

Anyways, a quick and dirty fix is this PowerShell oneliner. Just replace “ADAPTER_NAME” with the name of your VPN connection and you are all set:

Set-VpnConnection -Name "ADAPTER_NAME" -SplitTunneling $True -PassThru

The output is something like this:

PS C:\Users\open-sourced> Set-VpnConnection -Name "ADAPTER_NAME" -SplitTunneling $True -PassThru

Name                  : ADAPTER_NAME
ServerAddress         :
AllUserConnection     : False
Guid                  : {6A0F30B1-040E-4886-A5AD-2547A962A96C}
TunnelType            : Pptp
AuthenticationMethod  : {MsChapv2}
EncryptionLevel       : Optional
L2tpIPsecAuth         :
UseWinlogonCredential : False
EapConfigXmlStream    :
ConnectionStatus      : Disconnected
RememberCredential    : True
SplitTunneling        : True
DnsSuffix             :
IdleDisconnectSeconds : 0

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