vSphere unsupported CPU

So today I wanted to install vSphere 6.7 on one of my older machines. I needed some additional space to move a few VM’s to. So I downloaded the 6.7 ISO, created by bootable usb and plugged it in. Unfortunately (my own fault, should have read the release notes) I got a not-so-cool error “unsupported CPU” during the installation.

Nested ESXi 6.7 fails to boot | Kalle's playground

A quick google search helped me out here. It seems that you can simply enter an additional paramter during the ESXi installer’s boot process to ignore the fact that the CPU is unsupported. This should never be done in production environments, but for my home lab, who cares?

To edit the boot params, press “Shift + O” during the installer startup (screen below)

ESXi Installer screen

Then just add the following to the installer line:


Etc Voila! Happy installing!

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