vSphere unsupported CPU

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So today I wanted to install vSphere 6.7 on one of my older machines. I needed some additional space to move a few VM’s to. So I downloaded the 6.7 ISO, created by bootable usb and plugged it in. Unfortunately (my own fault, should have read the release notes) I got a not-so-cool error “unsupported […]

VMware Home Lab

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Recently I found myself in the need of an updated home lab. My current ESX server was reaching its limits on both memory and CPU power. I didn’t really feed the need for 10Gbe connections (since I won’t be testing any vSan or other high bandwidth stuff) so I went for the small, powerfull but […]

Horizon View 7 orphaned VM

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I’ve been playing around with Horizon View 7 for a while now. Discovering the instant clones etc and I really started liking it. I used the instant clone feature of Horizon view. All together this works extremely well, but from time to time you might encounter something called orphaned clones (atleast if you mess around […]

Update ESX 5.x to 5.5 using the CLI

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To avoid using VUM or PowerCLI to upgrade your host you can simply use The vmWare online repository. The commands below have to be executed via SSH (enable this in your security profile and start the SSH server) esxcli network firewall ruleset set -e true -r httpClient esxcli software profile update -d https://hostupdate.vmware.com/software/VUM/PRODUCTION/main/vmw-depot-index.xml -p ESXi-5.5.0-1331820-standard