Horizon View 7 orphaned VM

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I’ve been playing around with Horizon View 7 for a while now. Discovering the instant clones etc and I really started liking it. I used the instant clone feature of Horizon view. All together this works extremely well, but from time to time you might encounter something called orphaned clones (atleast if you mess around […]

Systemd with bash script

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To load my firewall rules I have always used a init script containing all my iptables rules. However with the switch to systemd in Debian Jessie things have changed a bit. create a service file in /etc/systemd/system. In my case this is /etc/systemd/system/firewall.service [Unit] Description=Firewall [Service] Type=oneshot ExecStart=/bin/sh /scripts/firewall.sh start ExecStop=/bin/sh /scripts/firewall.sh stop ExecReload=/bin/sh /scripts/firewall.sh […]

Postfix as backup MX

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Redundancy is very important these days, specially for a highly used medium such as mail. Luckily you can set up something as a “backup MX”. Normally when person a sends a mail to person b the mail-server will search where to deliver the mail trough DNS (MX record) . When we add multiple MX records […]