Installing ESXi with less than 4GB of RAM


I have an old desktop computer here that I would like to use for my ‘home lab’. Its an old dual core with 4GB of RAM. Ok, I know this isn’t much but for some linux virtual machines this is enough. I used PXE to boot the VMware ISO, went trough the first steps and […]

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Cisco: VLAN(s) not available in Port Manager


Most of you will know that on cisco switches VLAN id’s 1002 – 1005 are reserved for backwards compatibility. 1002 fddi-default act/unsup 1003 token-ring-default act/unsup 1004 fddinet-default act/unsup 1005 trnet-default act/unsup What I noticed today is that on some cisco systems (like f.e. Catalyst 4500) use a VLAN for traffic to a routed port. These […]

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Welcome to,  once again an attempt to keep a blog which contains usefull how-to’s about networking, security, linux, etc … . During the next few days and weeks you might notice some things changing like new plugins being added etc. The site is brand new, so I’m not sure yet how I want it […]

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